John Bostock composes concert music and performs as a jazz musician. Born in Sydney, Australia, he has been living in Israel since 1987. His works have been performed by the Israel Contemporary Players, Ensemble Meitar, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Contemporary String Quartet, the Musica Nova Ensemble, the Arko Symphonic Project and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

In 1998, Bostock graduated – Magna Cum Laude – with a M.Mus from the Rubin Academy of Music, University of Tel Aviv, where he was a pupil of Leon Schidlowsky. In 2004, Bostock graduated from the University of Sydney with a Ph.D. in Composition after completing studies under Arie Shapira and Anne Boyd.

In September 2010, his work Loud Music With (Only a Few) Quiet Bits was premiered by Ensemble Meitar at the Israeli Music Festival together with works by Hanna Ajiashvilli, Yinam Leef and Menachem Zur.

In September 2008, his work: Music for Eight Instruments was performed by the Israel Contemporary Players, at the Rebecca Crown Auditorium in Jerusalem, as part of the Israeli Music Festival. Bostock has twice been the recipient of the ACUM prize, in 2004 for his work When Thou My Love Who for tape and small ensemble, and in 2000 for his String Quartet No. 1.

In December, 2009 and October, 2011 a revised version of his Concerto for Chamber Orchestra was performed by the Arko Symphonic Project with conductor Timothy Phillips. The Chamber Concerto was commissioned by Musica Nova (Israel) and premiered in June 1999. His work:  Enneagram for Orchestra, was performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in June 2000. In 1996 his work – In Memoriam for Symphony Orchestra was among three finalists in a competition honouring the 60th birthday of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2005 and 2002, Bostock received grants enabling him to release two discs of his compositions: Seeing Sky , a recording of compositions and spontaneous improvisations for Piano solo, and Works 1993 – 2001. His works are published by the Israel Music Institute and the Israel Music Centre and are available from the Australian Music Centre library.

Bostock was admitted as a member to the Israel Composers’ League in 1995, and has been a Represented Composer in the Australian Music Centre Library since 1997.

Bostock’s most recent works combine eclectic influences ranging from Renaissance music to Messiaen and Shapira. They may be both challenging and accessible to the listener, involving the use of complex instrumental intonations and incorporating the use of computer generated sounds and interfaces interacting with live performance.

“Bostock’s works are the opposite of postcards: sketches of feelings and emotions, based on patient observation and profound attentiveness.” Ben Shalev – Ha’aretz.

Regrettably, Bostock does not play or follow football.

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