Polar self Portraits the music

Welcome to my latest project.

Zsuzsanna Ardó, the curator of “Polar self Portraits, the film”, wrote seeking a collaborative project. We discussed a number of proposals, and eventually decided that it would be interesting to set music to this film.

The film itself re-imagines the boundaries of ‘landscape’ and ‘self-portrait’ in the context of climate change using contributions from artists from six continents. Audiences have seen the film in a wide variety of venues, including an art museum in the Arctic, research stations in Antarctica, contemporary concerts in NY, universities in Albania, England, Macedonia, an old watchtower in Croatia, a philosophers’ salon in England, and an art gallery in Morocco.

Zsuzsanna’s reaction was – “I think the second life of this film, i.e. its rebirth with music interacting with the iceberg soundscape, the landscape and the art… is a lesson in what the synthesis of various art forms can do, what the language of music can add.”

Here is a link to my version of the film on YouTube:

Daniel Yehezkeli
commented: “It’s fantastic. I loved every second of it! Your approach to atmosphere and storytelling is enthralling in my view. It was a joy to listen to.”

Ants Neeme
commented: “Thank You John, always a great comfort to know that in this troubled world there is still and will always be beauty and peace and the creative spirit of the many that respect, honour and nourish it!”

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