Some more notable cases of misinformation:

Some more notable cases of misinformation:

Today, I found that I have a listing on a site calling itself BBC Music (what the Beeb?) with links to this page, my My Space site (how out of date is that?) and a no-brainer called – MusicBrainz.
MusicBrainz lists my song “Bongo Gogo” as Bongo Congo. This (lets be kind) typo is now reproduced all over the net as if it were fact, most disturbingly at the beginning of my Google listing. Why don’t these people who are so interested in publicizing independent musicians do us all a favour by consulting said musicians first for the bloody information. And while you’re at it, dear Beeb, I am not allowed to self-publicize on Wikipedia, so no information there about me but plenty exists in other places:
(how about looking here under works dear committed web publicizers)

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