Is my new extended play Jazz release.

Growing out of the many hours of Covid isolation, it became my summer project for 2021.

It took a while to process – demo recordings, and then an extended revision process under the guiding hand of Avi Elbaz, who became my sound designer and producer.

I love the work he has done, the plug-ins he used on the final mix to bring out the contrast between the drum rhythms and the improvisations that refuse to fit into the box.

You can hear what I mean on “Passacaglia”, which can be found on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zygOEK2IXFg

And, you can download or stream the new E.P. from Bandcamp here:


Also, I just uploaded my entire jazz discography to Bandcamp. You can find it at a discount here: https://johnbostockjazz.bandcamp.com/

Thanks to Avi Elbaz and Aharoni Benari.

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