My friends have told me that the standard composer biography
seems a little impersonal, so I thought it might be nice to 
paste up a ‘composer’s blog’.  
A composer’s greatest problem is time.
Not only do we deal in sound/time but composition itself 
requires time to get it right. If you don’t earn your living
through composition then you probably also teach or perform,
reducing the amount of time you may devote to composition.
In the computer age the composer is also publisher and 
These tasks also require time and resources. 
When you think about it, Composition can be a solitary pastime.
You sit alone and write music and hope that sometime in the 
future some ‘body’, whether it be orchestra or chorus, 
string quartet or pianist, is going to play your music.
Is your aim self-expression, or communication, or both?
Somewhere or at sometime, a listening public must figure in 
the equation.

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