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Posted in News on April 30, 2022 by johnbostockmusic

Is my new extended play Jazz Release.

Growing out of the many hours of Covid isolation, it became my summer project for 2021.

It took a while to process – demo recordings, and then an extended revision process under the guiding hand of Avi Elbaz, who became my sound designer and producer.

I love the work he has done, the plug-ins he used on the final mix to bring out the contrast between the drum rhythms and the improvisations that refuse to fit into the box.

You can hear what I mean on “Passacaglia”, which can be found on YouTube here:

And, you can download or stream the new E.P. from Bandcamp here:

Also, I just uploaded my entire jazz discography to Bandcamp. You can find it at a discount here:

Thanks to Avi Elbaz and Aharoni Benari.

“So long in coming”

Posted in News on August 19, 2013 by johnbostockmusic

So long in coming” –”מדוע נושש רכבו לבוא”  (July, 2013) 

for Flute, MIDI Vibraphone and sample player, is a work that explores inter-active relationships between the instrumental players and the text.

Though incorporating a biblical text, the work is not meant to be a musical setting of the text, but rather the opposite. The text has been reduced to its component parts – syllables. The rhythmic and musical interpretation of the text is set by the instruments, and the meaning by the listener.

The syllables of the edited text are stored in a sample player, which is triggered by the vibraphone. Though it would have been possible to place a different syllable on each and every bar of the vibraphone, I have chosen to limit the number of syllables to a select few. This limited collection of pitches represents the important referential centres forming the basis of the work. They were chosen on the basis of the recorded sound and texture, introducing a third instrument into the ensemble that plays in the aural spectrum of the tenor and bass.

Ths first performance was given by:

Margarita Timoshin – flute

Oded Geizhals – vibraphone

on 08/08/2013, in a concert organized by the Israel Composers’ League.

A video of the first performance is available for viewing at:

A video of the score with a MIDI realization is available at: 

Swan Song

Posted in News with tags , , , , on April 16, 2013 by johnbostockmusic

Marion DCruz-SwanSongUploaded new video of my music to YouTube. “Swan Song” is an original composition of mine that features improvisation in both the classical and jazz idioms. This recording was made on October 26, 2006, released on the CD “Seeing Sky” in February, 2008. The video was an overnight hit on “Fandalism” earning accolades from as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada.

Enneagram for Piano

Posted in News on January 24, 2013 by johnbostockmusic

Recently, I edited a video of the score of my piece “Enneagram for Piano” and put it up on YouTube.
You can see it here:
My friend and sometime mentor Ants Neeme wrote in a Facebook comment: “An achingly beautiful composition, the pianist is simply amazing & you Mr Bostock, are a crazy man!”
All true.

Mr Gong

Posted in News on August 4, 2012 by johnbostockmusic

Yesterday, I put the final touches to my new piece for Big Band.

At last its complete. Just have to get the parts out in the coming week.

The piece was commissioned by Boaz Ben Moshe for the Festival of Israeli Music. It will be given its first performance by the Holon Big Band under the direction of Guri Agmon, on September 20, at the Rappaport Art and Culture Centre in Haifa.

Boaz asked me for its name, and without having time to think I gave him the working title I have been using…’Mr Gong’.
So Mr Gong it is.

Chicken or Beef – new music upload

Posted in News with tags , on April 25, 2012 by johnbostockmusic

Following on the popularity of Multiplicity I decided to upload another original from the same session.
This was recorded with the great Asaf Sirkis on drums and the equally formidable Gabriel Meyer on Contra-bass.
Chicken or Beef was recorded on 23/02/1998 at Tomix with Niv Karsenti mixing.
You are welcome to stream or download from here at Bandcamp. Enjoy.

Arko Symphonic Project

Posted in News on October 1, 2011 by johnbostockmusic

If you live in Melbourne, Australia, don’t miss the Arko Symphonic Project’s revival of my Concerto for Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Timothy Phillips.
8th October at Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street, Northcote.
Also on the program works by Eliot Gyger, Simon Charles and Felipe Pinot d’Aguiar.

Ripped-Off… Websites without shame

Posted in News on August 8, 2011 by johnbostockmusic

I am starting a list of sites that make my music available for “free download”.
The music is free to the providers because they don’t pay for it! This is called Piracy in the real world or Copyright Infringement if you want to be genteel about it.
Some of these sites require you to download an app.(lication) for you to hear the music. Some require you to join a club, and some like the first on this list require nothing at all. What is called “file sharing”.
These people have ripped the physical disc because they are making available a track that is not available on the downloadable album.
Nowhere on their site does it say where they are based or under which copyright agreement they operate.
Next up we have Free Fox who enable ‘file sharing’.
They incorporate a copyright infringement warning to their users in their ‘device’ set up. I will be sending them a take down notice asap.
What I especially like about these people is that they have the gall to categorize my music as Christian/gospel.
I notice now that they have done this to a song of mine from my earlier Trio album – Journey to Gythia – ‘Song for Peace’.
Don’t these Christians have any sense of shame?
Here is another one – selling my music ‘cheap’ on the internet
These people are not only stealing my copyright materials but also those of Raye/DePaul, who wrote Here’s That Rainy Day. Sure sign that this material is ripped-off because this song does not appear on the digitally downloadable disc, only on the physical copy.
I am a private individual who one time used to write music. I will not do it anymore because my copyrighted material is consistently being ripped-off on the internet.
in fact the user is paying for a service that allows him to use file sharing.
Independent artists are the greatest victims of these arrangements because they do not have the legal muscle of the large corporations that fought Napster and made them go legal.

Loud Music with (only a few) Quiet Bits

Posted in News on August 7, 2011 by johnbostockmusic

I have just finished uploading Ensemble Meitar’s performance of my piece: “Loud Music With (only a few) Quiet Bits” to Bandcamp.
Enjoy free streaming or download a copy.
Thanks for listening.

The Joys of Streaming

Posted in News on July 23, 2011 by johnbostockmusic

I am an independent artist. The last disc I released was in 2008, almost four years ago. This is because I have to earn my living. My music sells on the basis of its quality alone. I do not play in public or have a promoter. There are no videos on YouTube. Despite this my music has received 723 listens on LastFM, which has earned me roughly $0.36 at the rate of $0.0005 per listen. Now calculate studio time at roughly $45/hour and if you do the math you see that I need 90,000 listens to pay for one hour of studio time. If each listener had paid $0.99 to download each track I would have earned roughly $715 and would be able to pay for 15 hours of studio time – enough to make another disc. Now see why the last disc I made was in 2008.