February 2008.
My solo piano album – “Seeing Sky” has been released.
It is available in Israel at most specialty music stores, in Australia at the Australian Music Centre and online at Jazzis and at CDBaby.

Adam Baruch from Jazzis wrote:
“Australian born pianist / composer John Bostock, living in Israel since the late 1980s is one of the most interesting musicians active in the country.”
His knowledgeable review can be found at

Adam’s review of about my 2004 release – “Journey to Gythia” – was also enthusiastic:
“I can’t imagine a more perfect execution of this music other than what is present on this record. Supported by two marvelous players: Guy Levy on bass and Danny Benedict on drums, this piano trio is truly exceptional, bringing immediate associations with Bill Evans, especially in view of the absolute technical brilliance and fluidity of Bostock’s piano playing, the amazing interplay between the trio members and the romantic, lyrical character of the music. ”
Read the full review at

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