The Joys of Streaming

I am an independent artist. The last disc I released was in 2008, almost four years ago. This is because I have to earn my living. My music sells on the basis of its quality alone. I do not play in public or have a promoter. There are no videos on YouTube. Despite this my music has received 723 listens on LastFM, which has earned me roughly $0.36 at the rate of $0.0005 per listen. Now calculate studio time at roughly $45/hour and if you do the math you see that I need 90,000 listens to pay for one hour of studio time. If each listener had paid $0.99 to download each track I would have earned roughly $715 and would be able to pay for 15 hours of studio time – enough to make another disc. Now see why the last disc I made was in 2008.

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