“So long in coming”

So long in coming” –”מדוע נושש רכבו לבוא”  (July, 2013) 

for Flute, MIDI Vibraphone and sample player, is a work that explores inter-active relationships between the instrumental players and the text.

Though incorporating a biblical text, the work is not meant to be a musical setting of the text, but rather the opposite. The text has been reduced to its component parts – syllables. The rhythmic and musical interpretation of the text is set by the instruments, and the meaning by the listener.

The syllables of the edited text are stored in a sample player, which is triggered by the vibraphone. Though it would have been possible to place a different syllable on each and every bar of the vibraphone, I have chosen to limit the number of syllables to a select few. This limited collection of pitches represents the important referential centres forming the basis of the work. They were chosen on the basis of the recorded sound and texture, introducing a third instrument into the ensemble that plays in the aural spectrum of the tenor and bass.

Ths first performance was given by:

Margarita Timoshin – flute

Oded Geizhals – vibraphone

on 08/08/2013, in a concert organized by the Israel Composers’ League.

A video of the first performance is available for viewing at:


A video of the score with a MIDI realization is available at:


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